• Visit our eBay Shop

    Our range of tyres, gearboxes, panels, radiators, seats, mirrors, engines, wipers and much, much more can be seen in our eBay shop. Our online reputation is forever growing and we work closely with a number of major online retailers to promote our products and services. 
  • Part Worn Tyres For Sale

    We specialize in the supply of tyres and wheels. This offers our customers a cost effective alternative to new parts whilst helping the environment. 
  • Gavin Murray Racing

     Gavin Murray will be aiming to become the 2019 World Champion. 

    Gavin Murray Racing
  • Engine Export

     We have export contacts all over the world, which enables us to pay more for vehicles as we can salvage more from cars.

  • All General Parts

    It wouldn't be impossible for us to include every available spare part on our website, so please feel free to contact us direct if you don’t see what you’re looking for online.